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imageSusan A. Point, the creator of the CrossInnovation logo, is a Coast Salish artist from Musqueam, a First Nation in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Born in 1952, from childhood Susan has been taught the traditional values of her culture and legends of her people by her many aunts and uncles, but above all by her late mother, Edna Grant-Point, and her late uncle, Dominic Point.

Susan began her artistic career in January 1981 designing and creating gold/silver jewellery.  Through research and consultation with various museums and libraries (both in Canada and the U.S.), Susan began her study on the design and art style of traditional Coast Salish artifacts. 

As a result of Susan’s willingness, drive and love of experimentation, she has been awarded numerous public art commissions, including building facades and large sculptures in Canada and the U.S.  To name a few, these large scale works welcome visitors at the Vancouver International Airport, Stanley Park in Vancouver, B.C., the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., the U.B.C. Museum of Anthropology as well as numerous public buildings and corporate developments paying tribute to the native peoples that once inhabited these lands as well as all peoples from the four corners of the earth (past, present and future) who also share and inhabit these same lands.  Susan also has collections worldwide in various museums as well as within homes of private clientele.

Coast Salish women have used the spindle whorl for centuries to spin their mountain goat wool into yarn. Susan’s designs reflect traditional images of the past in jewellery, limited edition serigraphs, and paintings… taken from the spindle whorl which is a disk, elaborately carved, which was used in the spinning of wool by Coast Salish women.

The CrossInnovation logo is in the shape of the spindle whorl, symbolizing industriousness, beauty, and the work of women: CrossInnovation is both a woman owned and a minority owned business. The CrossInnovation logo also encompasses the design of a frog, symbolizing adaptability, knowledge and power to transverse different worlds. The second frog eye provides a different perspective.

We are privileged to have this world renowned artist participate with us in bringing art and technology together.

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