Accelerating Discovery (CI Finder™)

CI FinderTM (patent pending) is a non-keyword, semantic based, natural language search engine currently under development. The engine is being developed to initially target situations where users are looking specifically for cross-industry applications.

The intent is that while it does expand the space of possibilities for search results to be applicable in a different domain, it also contracts the search space by eliminating useless, key-word type results avoiding thousands or millions of irrelevant information returned to the user.

One application is in the domain of research. For instance, a chemical engineer working for Proctor and Gamble may be looking for a better mechanism to remove oil in cold water. The intent is that this tool would help that engineer to quickly identify a research paper that talks about how the Antarctic icefish digests oils in cold water. This is an emerging space in biomimicry.

There is also a growing problem in the area of IP infringement. The USPTO categorizes IP in terms of similar IP properties for a given application. Patents are frequently issued with questionable infringement on other patent because of the problems of existing search, the cost of searching, and the problems related to searching within given categories. It is difficult if not impossible with current tools to identify the meaning of a given IP outside of given category or even to guess at a sufficient number of categories that might be related. This issue is growing exponentially due to the number of applications being filed and patents being issued, evidenced by the number of IP infringement lawsuits in the marketplace.

In summary, our goal with CI FinderTM is to help generate revenue opportunities for organizations, as well as save companies and individuals, time and money in pursuing research, inventions or infringement lawsuits.


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