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imageAgile Business Analytics (Agile BI) is a category of platforms and services to shorten the time it takes to make sense of all the available data in order to make informed decisions and to understand their systemic impacts.

The Need:

Over 80% of data within organizations is unstructured – emails, comments in customer care systems, recorded conversations, RSS feeds, blogs, PDF files, etc. The velocity of growth, diversity, and cost for new analytic requirements means it takes too much time to reach a decision. Also, there is less operational visibility and decisions are based on just a fraction of the information resulting in costly misses.

The Solution: Experience Warehouse™:

Saffron Technologies, Inc., CI’s strategic partner, developed a unique-to-the-marketplace platform for real-time situational awareness. This platform is currently in operation with Joint Interagency Task Force of the Department of Defense, the US Army Special Operations Command, a Fortune 50 company and one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the world. Their role in national security is to undertake alias detection, associative targeting, and experience-based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance tasking.

Dr. Francois Sauer, CI Partner and Dr. John Poindexter, a Board member of Saffron Technology, Inc. (Saffron) worked together at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) where they collaborated on civil defense solutions for public health and safety.

They continue to incubate new situational awareness and intelligence solutions through CI’s partnership with Saffron.CI in partnership with Saffron Technologies, Inc. provides the Experience Warehouse™, a platform for real-time situational awareness, real-time decision support, and an instrument for organizational learning. Experience Warehouse is an opportunity to build on what Saffron has developed for the purposes of delivering solutions into Healthcare, Finance, Telecom and Energy sectors.

Traditional business analytics platforms are focused on the acquisition and presentation of facts and knowledge; however, the Experience Warehouse converts facts into actionable intelligence.

Applications for the Experience Warehouse include but are not limited to:

  • Next-best-action decision support (e.g. disease control);
  • Anticipating and reducing outages;
  • Reducing churn; and
  • Increasing operational visibility.

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