Client Projects

Below is a sample of our client engagements.


  • Echocardiogram disease discrimination using predictive models
  • Anticipating customer satisfaction for a medical procedure
  • New market assessment for a disease surveillance software product
  • A strategy in helping an association to equip its leaders to better leverage a subset of its data assets
  • EMR data mining

Agriculture & Energy

  • Data collection platform and thin client monitoring of agriculture equipment
  • Developing a predictive model for oil reservoir acidization activities


  • Student loan risk model for anticipating defaults
  • Revenue change analytics for a manufacturer in healthcare
  • Identifying chronic underemployment problem definition
  • Anticipating effects of macro-economic changes on assets

Social Media

  • Twitter channel conflict analysis
  • Automated categorization of consumer product problems from social media sites
  • Text mining of a large survey for a media company

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