Services: Data Asset Inventory & Strategy

Organizations looking for new competitive advantages explore data within their own walls or readily accessible outside of their walls. We equip organizations to identify, qualify and plan high-valued opportunities for transforming their data assets.

This includes exploiting the 80% of text based data related to:

  • What are the categories and frequency of problems encountered by our field personnel
  • What issues are our distributors running into that are impacting customer satisfaction or supply chain costs
  • What are the leading indicators of an interruption in our supply chain
  • How do regulatory announcements or policy changes affect our sales
  • What prospects should I be allocating precious resources towards

The Data Asset Inventory service provides enterprises with a ‘neutral 3rd party’ capability to cross sensitive lines in making an initial assessment about the viability of answering these questions towards being able to exploit new competitive advantages and avoid the threat of being left behind.

Deliverables may include conceptual data models, data readiness and cleanliness assessment, and text mining to understand information availability.

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