CrossInnovation AV, LLC and MaxSights AV, LLC are partly owned subsidiaries and affiliations of of the Accelerated Vision Group. CrossInnovation AV’s commitment is to continue to equip its subsidiaries and affiliations with digital transformation strategies, tools and practices.

The CrossInnovation AV core leadership team is: Susan Bennett, Mihwa Cha, and Dr. Francois Sauer. The MaxSights AV core leadership is John Wise.

Susan Bennett Susan Bennett, CEO and Co-Founder, CrossInnovation AV, LLC

Ms. Bennett’s 18 years of business experience and executive management included practices in engineering, product development, sales & marketing within the oil & gas, telecommunications and transportation industries. Her accomplishments include: the successful launch of a tank monitoring business on behalf of two other organizations, securing investments and leading the design and development of one of the first cloud-based asset tracking solutions for the transportation industry. Her past 7-8 years has predominantly been focused on Sales & Marketing of new innovations in the telecom industry.

Mihwa Cha Mihwa Cha, President, CTO and Co-Founder, CrossInnovation AV, LLC

Ms. Cha has 25 years of business experience and executive management in telecommunications R&D, network technologies, software, products and services development. Her previous role was with Sprint as VP Product Development managing a $3B portfolio of devices, their design, development and launch (e.g. integration with services and distribution channels). Under her tenure Sprint released the first camera phone and mobile Internet in the US. Prior to that she successfully built from the ground up the best-in-class technology integration organization with 350 engineers and virtual network facilities for verification and integration of all Sprint’s products and services.

Francois Sauer Francois Sauer, Senior Partner & Chief Catalyst, CrossInnovation AV, LLC

Dr. Sauer, M.D., M.B.A., & M.S., is an expert in the domains of systems thinking, human relations, and international operations. As a catalyst, author, philosopher and scientist his proven approaches are both innovative and pragmatic. Over the past three decades he has delivered organizational improvements and profitable business growths. He is a co-founder of Supercourse, a preventative healthcare network of over 56000 scientists in 174 countries. He has served as a CEO, executive, adviser, and consultant to large enterprises as well as start-up ventures. His tenure has included Banamex (Health Services executive), AT&T and DEC, and CEO of Cerner International.

As Senior Partner, Dr. Sauer addresses significant problems in the domain of real-time business intelligence and situational awareness. He is also the CEO of Trans AM Group, an international organization that fosters relationships and trade between the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico.

John Wise, CEO and Co-Founder, MaxSights AV, LLC

Mr. Wise has 16 years of business and executive management experience focused on technical sales and implementation of novel technologies for increasing oil production. He has leveraged his experience with implementation of novel technologies to increase and diversify the revenue generation of an oilfield service company headquartered in Bakersfield, California. During his tenure with this service company, he has implemented 11 new stimulation technologies resulting in >500% ROI for the company’s customers.

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