Vision, Mission & Values

The interconnectedness of global socio-economics and supply chains results in increased opportunities to make money and more risks and volatility for our businesses. To exploit those opportunities and cope with the risks requires increased real-time awareness and flexibility to respond to those changes in meaningful ways. In short, it requires financial resilience.

Our vision is to improve the financial resilience of organizations by taking data and transforming it into information capital, knowledge capital, finance and operating capital: Digital transformation capabilities and practices are essential to this new knowledge-based economy.

We operate through 3 business units:

  • in healthcare (Accelerated Vision Group, LLC)
  • in upstream Oil & Gas (MaxSights AV)
  • in agriculture, education and financial risk management (CrossInnovation AV)

Digital transformation is the production of ‘information capital’ - data that is leveraged as a strategic asset from which to improve the enterprise’s speed and effectiveness of decision making and its ability to transact with its data assets.

Our mission is to improve productivity, revenues and ultimately financial resilience by equipping organizations with digital transformation strategies, tools and practices.

The situations we produce include:

  • Real-time awareness across the business so that leaders can make more effective decisions by capturing value from data assets generated from application silos across the organization
  • Increasing operational margins and increasing productivity by handling the adoption of technology more effectively and avoiding unnecessary associated costs
  • Leading indicators that help organizations to anticipate by producing a descriptive understanding of systemic influences
  • Accelerating returns-on-investment by improving execution of digital transformation initiatives, acceptance of data governance and working with boards and executives to establish digital transformation strategies


There are 5 core behaviors and practices that are required to digital transformation. We hold these as values as worthwhile to cultivate in ourselves.

  • Co-creativity: The capacity and skill to engage with others in producing a new reality.
  • Purposeful: Being conscious and intentional about intended results of actions.
  • Responsible: Accepting that our actions and intentions (or lack thereof) produce outcomes.
  • Reflective: The conscious engagement of our thinking and curiosity to understand.
  • Systemic in orientation: Seeking the causes of effects and effects that cause.

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