Saffron TechnologySaffron Technology helps business leaders use the collective experience within their data to determine best-possible courses of action, make better predictive decisions and keep ahead of marketplace change. Saffron developed and commercialized the first internet-scalable Associative Memory technology, creating a new generation of data analytics tools.

CrossInnovation utilizes Saffron’s unique technology to enhance strategic brokering by discovering associations within diverse information vital to successful innovation management. Saffron and CrossInnovation are collaborating on the democratization of business intelligence for front line operations in several industries. The two organizations are also collaborating on creating true customer personalization intelligence applications. No longer is the customer treated as one of many in a category. With Saffron’s Natural Intelligence, CrossInnovation is applying knowledge of the associations about “you” within customer relationship data, social network data, and more – to know preferences and influences based on “your” experiences. No longer will customers fall victim to traditional models that simply treat them as a category of many, or even a few.

RelearnEvolveAdapt Relearn, Evolve and Adapt — Francois Sauer, M.D., M.B.A., & M.S. , is an experienced executive that has recurrently and successfully solved problems, analyzed complex situations and helped to produce focus for business organizations. As a catalyst, author, philosopher and scientist his proven approaches are both innovative and pragmatic.

Dr. Sauer has expertise in systems thinking, human relations, and international operations. Over the past three decades he has delivered organizational improvements and profitable business growths. He has served as a CEO, executive, adviser, and consultant to large enterprises as well as start-up ventures.

His areas of expertise include Health care services, Information Technologies, Education, International Relations, Innovation and Incubation. Dr. Sauer is Chief Catalyst for CrossInnovation.NET, LLC.


ngenius media inc.(n)genius media inc. produces websites and web applications that enhance brands, improve user experience, automate site maintenance, increase site traffic, and convert visitors to customers. (n)genius media partners with CrossInnovation to provide business analysis, web marketing consulting, UI design and programming, application planning and design.

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