Strategic Brokering

Strategic brokering is the discovery and repurposing of commercial-ready products and technologies through licensing agreements between organizations that typically operate in very different industries.

Up to 30% of research and development spending is wasted every year because companies duplicate existing technology: the underlying reasons for this include discoverability, knowledge gaps and experience gaps. CrossInnovation solves these problems through i) Experience Warehouse, and/or ii) Strategic Brokering.

Strategic Brokering delivers commercial-ready products and technologies to organizations. We help companies avoid costly mistakes of “reinventing the wheel” by delivering effective and tested technology solutions.

As a result:

  • Companies increase their speed-to-market;
  • The Organization Licensee avoids the cost of re-inventing what already exists, thereby increasing productivity because they are not spending time developing something that is already done;
  • The Innovator Licensor experiences additional revenue streams by addressing “New-to-Market” and “New-to-Firm” challenges.

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