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Most problem descriptions are symptomatic in nature. Examples of symptomatic explanations are: “Our IT budget exceeds its capital spend target”, “It takes too long to get information to generate a report”, or “We are not maintaining our market share”. This information is useful but not sufficient for producing effective, strategic and competitive solutions.

Business problems are systemic in nature. The reason for the decline in customer satisfaction might be due to the reduction in inventory 9 months ago which was due to cost reduction initiatives due to lower sales. This means that the description of the problem requires multiple data sources and multiple perspectives. And it also means that the most effective solution may be counter intuitive with results spanning a time horizon.

Viewpoints are facilitated workshops to define and benchmark the opportunity or challenge from multiple viewpoints, inventory the capabilities to solve the problem and identify key leverage points - areas in the systemic view where a small change can result in significant positive outcomes.

This workshop equips enterprises with an asset that represents its collective intelligence in a way that facilitates learning and communication. It also produces clarity about what data is be missing and the potential impact downstream on analytics in order to solve the problem or exploit the opportunity.

Deliverables include a meaningfully scoped opportunity or problem definition, conceptual model, data and capabilities inventory for solving the problem, and clearly defined and meaningful success criteria.


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